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Sailing in the Ionian Islands

The Ionian islands are a fabulous destination for those who need to combine their sailing in Greece holidays together with gourmet food and lavish services. As it’s deeper, colder and darker in color the Ionian sea is different as opposed to Aegean. It really is particular that you will make some of the finest dives of your lifestyle! Additionally, the Ionian islands are extremely popular among skippers and sailors because Greeks and Italians have been sailing there from several years past.

Harbor of PaxosThey are a destination which will have its own place in your heart forever. Scuba diving is fairly popular in the Ionian sea as the submerged views are distinctively super. Kerkyra (Corfu) is, maybe, typically the most popular of the seven Ionian islands as tourists from all around the globe keep arriving therein thousands every yr. Lavish resort lodging and several kilometers of seashore around Corfu are the primary attractions with this magnificent isle. There are bars, clubs, cafes, beach- bars, tavernas and restaurants all over the island. Areas which you have visited and you are going to visit again at the first chance, mainly because of the state of the art services provided. The Easter time is extremely popular in Corfu as there are numerous draws to make you get there every year to celebrate the Greek Orthodox Easter in a traditional way. The experience is fabulous as the municipality band keeps playing religious music all week long.

Paxos complex are perhaps not very well understood to everyone because they can be merely a little island complex underneath Corfu. As both islands are coated with crops, having just the sea flowing between them the best thing about nature is tremendous. The Italians know Paxos intricate well because they’ve been ideal for yachts and as they see them every yr. With your own or a rented boat you’ll arrive at small beaches of virtually virgin nature. It is possible to see an alternative one daily! Both isles have very narrow roads with restricted accessibility to the few small hamlets around. Most matters desired can be located at the port which will be very well organized and prepared to serve the wants of the incoming sailors. Avoid travelling to Paxos and Antipaxos during the peak season because the islands are little and they can get very crowded. As that is when you can truly appreciate all that there is arrange your sailing holidays in June or September.