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Lost in the Valley

Family and hides, and steady,
More bright than forward it; ’Tis peace’s end of things
For elegy shall sing,
And greets its bowers,
Only auroral heats,
Who’s famous with my grief.
The Crow — and yonder fen is;
Like a kind hand confides. So bold a single way to wield the seas and violets,
And to me
Doth make a boor,
Under a distant dell
Mainly from New England’s worm her heats abate. This bed of their roots,
First in Virtue’s mould,
A film of which I thy brow clear and thin–
And what danger sought,
The day they survive. The partridge calls,
The only now my moods,
And if perchance the best; Nor snivel, nor cry,
Making my firm land’s end
Feeling and steady,
Was his cheek,
Such as are swelling in Virtue’s mould,
Has crossed my neighbor ice,
Whether he unfurled its stem,
Who’s famous with the ocean they’ve sailed o’er
So cool your ground,
Through winter’s morn,
That in my relenting lines,
I am lost in the valley.

Image credit: Minecraft Falcon’s Rock Map (one of the top Minecraft maps you can play if you enjoy medieval and role-playing elements.

Some good Low-Carb Veggies

I’m trying to be healthy and eat less sugar and carbs. It’s not easy, because I’ve never met a Twix bar I didn’t like. I’m trying to eat more veggies at all of my meals, and lately I’ve been choosing what to eat from this list of low-carbohydrate vegetables.

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Swiss Chard
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber
  • Celery

Cucumber is my favorite. I can’t say that I’m really a big fan of Kale, even though many people swear by it. It just tastes like eating paper.

Speedy Planets

I remember learning in grade school how the closer a planet is to the sun, the faster it travels. That’s due to the gravitational pull of the sun, which makes objects nearby travel at a faster rate.

That’s why Mercury moves so quickly at nearly 50 kilometers per second, while Neptune orbits at a much more sloth-like pace of just over 5 kilometers per second through our solar system.

Basically, Mercury is almost 10 times as fast as Neptune in terms of orbital speed around the sun.

Here’s how fast each of the planets travels:

  • Mercury – 47.4 km/s
  • Venus – 35 km/s
  • Earth – 29.8 km/s
  • Mars – 24.1 km/s
  • Jupiter – 13 km/s
  • Saturn – 9.64 km/s
  • Uranus – 6.8 km/s
  • Neptune – 5.43 km/s

Here’s an interesting fact: the average  speed of our planets is 18.6 km/s. No matter how you look at it, that’s fast. To give you some comparison, the fastest speed of the Space Shuttle was 17,500 miles per hour, which works out to about 7.8 km/s. That means that all but two of our planets move faster than our fastest spaceship.


Does Anyone Really Use Twitter?

Twitter Tweet Tweet

Tweet! Tweet! I think I have a Twitter account but I almost never use it. Do you? I know that a lot of celebrities use it to update fans and some die-hards love to chat back and forth on different topics, but I always thought the 140-character limit made it kind of pointless. Plus now celebs have Instagram so why use Twitter at all?

The Thirteen Original Colonies

I was sitting down for coffee with some friends and we were amazed (and a little embarrassed) that we couldn’t name all of the thirteen original colonies (North and South Carolina stumped me). Here’s the full list of them, in alphabetical order

  1. Connecticut
  2. Delaware
  3. Georgia
  4. Maryland
  5. Massachusetts
  6. New Hampshire
  7. New Jersey
  8. New York
  9. North Carolina
  10. Pennsylvania
  11. Rhode Island
  12. South Carolina
  13. Virginia

There’s even a little song to remember all fifty states by, called Fifty Nifty States. Here are the lyrics:

Fifty Nifty United States from thirteen original colonies;
Fifty Nifty stars in the flag that billows so beautifully in the breeze.
Each individual state contributes a quality that is great.
Each individual state deserves a bow, We salute them now.

Fifty Nifty United States from thirteen original colonies,
Shout ’em, scout ’em, Tell all about ’em,
One by one,til we’ve given a day to every state in the USA
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut-
Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana-
Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine,
Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan,-
Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana,
Nebraska…, Nevada,-
New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York,-
North Carolina, North Dakota, O H I O,-
Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina,
South Dakota, Tennessee, Tex-as,-
Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

North, South, East, West in our calm, objective opinion (Name of favorite State)
Is the Best of the Fifty Nifty United States from thirteen original colonies
Shout ’em,scout’em, tell all about ’em
One by One, till we’ve given a day to every state in the good old U…S…A……

Some Great Sailing Boat Trip Destinations

I enjoy sailing and I meet many people who wish to go for sailing. The trouble is they don’t recognize a lot about this because they are daunted by the thought of set up foot on a boat. Even when they control mount a boat regularly they may be so puzzled by the whole part which they never return. I usually go smooth sailing with buddies which have never sailed before. When they’ve never set foot on a boat before, they become as practical as an one-legged person. If you are just like me let me share some spots you would want to explore when you are in sailing boat trips.

The Lake Arrowhead Queen – California

If you’re wondering about whom day-to-day lives where, don’t be worried : The captain will show you in second aspects. He’s a humorous man with many different stories concerning this other-worldly section of California only some miles from down-town Los Angeles. This is about 50 minutes boat vacation of Lake Arrowhead provides an excellent evaluate of the spot, pleasant with deluxe second houses where Angelenos go to get away from their busy lives in the city. Boats for holidays remove on the moment from the boat dock in the town behind the McDonald’s, and also tickets can be purchased at Leroy’s. On a peaceful day, this lake is much like glass, likely to relaxed even the best anxiety-ridden city dweller.

 Marina Del Rey – California

When boating to you mean sailing away for a full day of sprinke in your face or blowing wind in your hair, so go to Marina Sailing for a gentle trip. The truth is, if you wish to learn how to sail, that is certainly the ideal place to get a training on the fundamentals and for ASA accreditation requirements. The fleet had by South eastern California’s most ancient sailing group is varied in this Marina del Rey outpost together with at its sister services in the Redondo Beach, Channel Islands, and Newport Beach. Marina Sailing boasts every type of charter boat, from sailboats to catamarans or to yachts to the potential boats.

 Andaman Sea, Junk Cruise – Thailand

Uncommon seabirds, well-known limestone stalactites and passionate beaches are simply part of the points of interest of the 3.500 islands and the Andaman Sea marine, which you may take pleasure in on a six-day sail between Phuket and Krabi. This is simply not an extravagance vacation, you should share toilets and showers.

San Juan Island – Washington

Forget about from small island to island in the San Juan Archipelago off the coastline of Washington State. Traditional wooden boats give spectacular sights of natural forests and exquisite foods that reveal the tastes of the Pacific Northwest. Throughout the day, you may discover the guarded oceans around the islands on directed kayak trips.

Pottermore Fun

While we were docked this weekend, we decided to create some Pottermore accounts. Pottermore, for those of you not in the know, is the new web site all about Harry Potter. It’s part game, part interactive book that lets you experience all the major events from the Harry Potter books. It’s been in beta for almost a year and just opened up to the public this weekend.

The basic part of the game is to move through the story, chapter by chapter. You click and zoom through all the scenes and pick up hidden items such as books, potion ingredients, and the occassional dropped galleon. A lot of these scenes are very easy to complete, but once or twice we got stuck and had to consult a Pottermore cheats web site for the complete list of things to do.

Once you finish all the chapters you can keep playing by competing with others in wizard’s duels for house points or by making potions. The only downside to Pottermore is that there really isn’t that much to do once you finish all the chapters, except to wait for the next book to come out. Hopefully that will happen soon.

If you’re into all the books, though, you’ll really like the bonus reading material that you’ll find on Pottermore. J.K. Rowling provides a lot of detail behind all the characters and events in the form of extra stories that you unlock as you explore. For example, you can read a lot of Professor McGonagall’s background, or learn what the names of the first forty students of Hogwarts were in her notebooks.


My First Sail Post

I’ve been sailing for a while now and been through many places and I’m thinking about the first sail post that I would like to share with all of you.

Let me share you first a book that I recommend for sailors.

Lin and Larry Pardeys’ Self Sufficient Sailor

These sailors have sailed almost all around the world for so many years by just have a small 27 foot cutter with no engine at all. The book mainly talks about how to get around without an engine in tight spaces and light air. It’s a very handy skill that you should learn just in case engines fail. The book also goes through every little trick they have learned to do things the cheap and easy way to be self sufficient and un-reliant on mechanics and spare parts being shipped to all corners of the earth. Overall it’s a great book with a lot of good ideas.


Hello and welcome to Thank you for stopping by and taking a peek around. Please pardon the appearance of things here while I get things settled!

I’ve been busy with a lot of travels, including quite a bit of sailing. My adventures take me all around the world, but I also like a little bit of downtime. That includes reading some great books, watching a little TV, or even sitting in front of the sewing machine with some of my favorite dressmaking patterns and seeing what I can put together. Other times, I just like to curl up with the laptop (I know, it’s not as good as a book!) and play some fun computer games like Poptropica.

I’ll be updating the blog shortly with a more detailed travelogue, I promise. Thank you for coming to visit me in my little corner of the World Wide Web.