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A Trio of Angels Dancing Upon the Waves


This poem, entitled A Trio of Angels Dancing Upon the Waves, was penned by the Dark Elf Fomadeun. He wrote it after making several unsuccessful attempts at generating a High Loop Destabilization upon the cliffs overlooking the ocean.

A Trio of Angels Dancing Upon the Waves

You are the grape of my arcane hips
you see hand as nocturnal as the drizzle
showered and then blushed in the jungle
a sensual drizzle of railroad tracks
and the salt to its foam
and among the clusters the decisive one
the daughter covered with noble window
the vertical elder.

Pacifies in the delicious morning
enchanting the crown of her echo full of tiredness
A farm upgrading will blossom
the starry lava of a planet
I saw how juices are half-opened
by the brandishing momentum?
With the thick sea water, many secure books
excited and then played in the field,
reflecting from naked glass
the water clear doves are trusted,
indicates the time’s developing hips.

In my universe at afternoon you are like a home
You light in the vicinity as in a handsome moonlight evening
delicate, gold kiss!