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Princess Fiona of the Emberwild

Princess Fiona of the Emberwild liked dragons and riddles.

It is rumored that she once encountered an ancient green dragon while searching for treasure in a lair deep beneath the dark mountains of Baranur.

Upon waking the dragon, she challenged it to a game of riddles, knowing the the smug and superior dragon would not be able to resist. She gave it the first turn.

It smiled a sickly and mean smile and then in a deep booming voice it uttered,

“A leathery snake with a stinging bite, coiled up I wait until I must fight. What am I?”

Princess Fiona thought for a moment, never taking her eyes of the villainous beast. It was not to be trusted.

The answer quickly came to her like the first rays of the morning sun.

“A whip!” she cried in delight. “The answer is, ‘a whip!'”

The huge dragon scowled with disgust, for Princess Fiona was correct.

It was her turn now. She was prepared with a favorite.

“Lives without a body, hears without ears, speaks without a mouth, to which the air alone gives birth.”

The great dragon grew quiet and carefully pondered the riddle. Time seemed to stand still.

More seconds passed, then minutes. Princess Fiona waited patiently.

Finally, the dragon spoke.

“I must forfeit, fair maiden. For I cannot determine the answer to your riddle.”

Princess Fiona’s eyes grew wide with excitement at outsmarting the foul beast. She quickly exclaimed, “The answer is, ‘an echo.”

The dragon smiled again. “A delicious riddle, fair maiden.”

And then the dragon ate Princess Fiona.