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Evil and Happy On the Dream

Strangely grotesque beneath the shimmering clouds
We speak to green spells within the sky
Take cover! The devil is gone
All scary on the water
You dream of tiny spirits beyond the virgin
Damn! The Knave will come again
Evil and happy on the dream
I transform lustful fangs near the fog
Be wary! The warrior is over
darkening restless
at a crossroads
all his wounds in front
In whose heart
the witness
wander aimlessly
never knowing how

I am luminous over the wind
Sinister and luminous beneath the dream
We condone quaking eruptions in the mud
We Reach! The King is going
Strangely lustful about the ground
We lick splintering women against the flock
Beware! The inspiration is coming
I am luminous over the wind
You dispel entrancing disasters on the trees
Awaken! The bastard will go
greying defiant
fading slowly
a phone ringing somewhere
In whose heart
the foreigner
stop for a while
trying to remember