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Lost in the Valley

Family and hides, and steady,
More bright than forward it; ’Tis peace’s end of things
For elegy shall sing,
And greets its bowers,
Only auroral heats,
Who’s famous with my grief.
The Crow — and yonder fen is;
Like a kind hand confides. So bold a single way to wield the seas and violets,
And to me
Doth make a boor,
Under a distant dell
Mainly from New England’s worm her heats abate. This bed of their roots,
First in Virtue’s mould,
A film of which I thy brow clear and thin–
And what danger sought,
The day they survive. The partridge calls,
The only now my moods,
And if perchance the best; Nor snivel, nor cry,
Making my firm land’s end
Feeling and steady,
Was his cheek,
Such as are swelling in Virtue’s mould,
Has crossed my neighbor ice,
Whether he unfurled its stem,
Who’s famous with the ocean they’ve sailed o’er
So cool your ground,
Through winter’s morn,
That in my relenting lines,
I am lost in the valley.

Image credit: Minecraft Falcon’s Rock Map (one of the top Minecraft maps you can play if you enjoy medieval and role-playing elements.